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LSC Communications Launches Anti-Piracy IntercepTag Technology Platform

12-Jul-2017 | Source : LSC Communications Inc | Visits : 4551
CHICAGO - LSC Communications Inc., a leader in print and digital media solutions, announced the release of the company’s IntercepTag solution delivering a platform for verifying textbook authenticity through the scanning of secure unique identifier codes. A press release by the company stated that the platform leverages the scale of LSC's production and distribution facilities and HP’s Link Technology for product authentication, to help protect intellectual property and fight counterfeiting throughout the entire supply chain.

"In the book publishing industry, textbook piracy has been a major problem and an increasing concern for publishers,” said David McCree, president of the Book division of LSC. “Our latest investment with HP builds on our strategic investment with Context Labs and strengthens our Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) offering. We are committed to help protect our clients’ intellectual property and to support technology innovation within the supply chain."
This new platform allows publishers to apply an IntercepTag serialized mark, a unique anti-piracy identifier code, on each book at the time of production via a label or digitally printed cover. The IntercepTag platform utilizes Link Technology, an HP solution with proprietary technologies that deploys serialized marks with a uniquely coded digital identity. Each book is then registered, activated, and can be authenticated throughout the supply chain to determine if the book is genuine or counterfeit. Users can verify authenticity by scanning the IntercepTag marks using either smartphones or select industrial scanning devices.
“HP’s Link Technology provided through LSC gives book publishers an economical and powerful digital solution to fight piracy and to track and trace books throughout the supply chain,” said Moe Khosravy, vice president of Software, Print Platforms for HP’s Imaging, Printing and Solutions organization. “LSC Communications is demonstrating its innovation and market leadership in offering this solution to its publishing clients.”
In addition to the IntercepTag platform’s anti-piracy feature, it allows publishers to track and trace the book during production and distribution. LSC can enable third party distributors, retailers, or other printers with the technology to ensure widespread adoption throughout the supply chain. Data analytics, reports, and counterfeiting insights are provided to each publisher using the platform.
In future releases of the IntercepTag platform, direct-to-consumer linkage will enable engagement with the reader. The system will also be designed to help publishers make better data-driven decisions by enabling them to know more about their direct customers.

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