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Brands and Agencies Set to Benefit from Introduction of Facebook’s Real Time Analytics, says Punch Communications

29-Feb-2012 | Source : | Visits : 8346
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LONDON - The introduction of real time analytics for Facebook, which is rumored to be announced imminently by the platform, will be a major benefit to brands and their agency partners as they seek to leverage greater ROI from their social media activities, according to Punch Communications, integrated PR, Social Media and SEO agency.

The rumors, widely circulating in online PR circles and across the online technology press speculate that the announcement of the introduction of real time analytics is likely to be made at the Facebook Marketing Conference, as a result of an agenda item at the conference titled “Turning insights into engagement”.

If the rumors are founded, the introduction of real time analytics across the Facebook platform will provide much deeper and actionable data; something that brands and agencies at the leading edge of social media engagement have been campaigning for the introduction of for some time.

Whilst Facebook has historically adopted an evolutionary approach to the provision of accurate measurement and reporting through its Insights functionality, gradually increasing the data points for measurement and the introduction of real time analytics could be a significant step forward.

TechCrunch recently reported that impressions, reach, negative feedback, “people talking about this” and engagement demographics could all start showing up in the graphical Insights interface as well as the API.

It is unlikely to be a coincidence that the marked increase in attention that Facebook is paying to its analytics coincides not only with the launch and rapid growth of Google+, but also Facebook’s announcement about its IPO.

The provision of real time analytics will go some way to helping brands and their agencies ensure their outreach activities are better optimized and provide increased return on investment.

Pete Goold, managing director of Punch Communications, said: “If confirmed, the roll-out of improved Facebook analytics is significant news for agencies and their clients. For the last couple of years, the onus has been on agencies to do the best job possible with the data that is available, but to a degree there has been the requirement for the agencies to interpret analysis from the rudimentary data and insights and set about joining the dots. Improved Facebook real time analytics can only help improve that process, leading to improved decisioning, actions and ultimately return on investment for brands.”


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