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Copyright Registrations at IPOPHL Nearly Double in 2023

18-Feb-2024 | Source : The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) | Visits : 1319

TAGUIG - Copyright registrations at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) soared in 2023, marking a record-high that signifies increased awareness of the importance of copyright registration, according to the official website of IPOPHL.

Data from IPOPHL shows that copyright registrations totaled 6,522, a 76% increase from the 3,706 registrations in 2022.

The books, pamphlets, articles, e-books, audio books, comics, novels and other writings category account for over half (52.6%) of the copyright registrations. This was followed by audiovisual works and cinematographic works (18.1%); and computer programs, software, games and applications (8.8%).

Director General Rowel S. Barba said the historic registrations for copyright show results of IPOPHL’s efforts to increase awareness and help people understand the importance of safeguarding their IP.

“Although copyright protection is provided automatically upon creation, registration certificates provide an added layer of protection to copyrighted works,” Barba added. 

Bureau of Copyright and Related Rights (BCRR) Director Emerson G. Cuyo said the Bureau will be further intensifying its efforts to bridge copyright learning in the Philippines through various roadshows and furthering the reach of its Copyright Plus Program, which supports projects that empower underrepresented artists.

Cuyo also encouraged creatives to utilize the IP system, especially as copyright registration can be easily done online.

“In just a few clicks and just a few days, you can safeguard your works and navigate the future with greater confidence over the ownership of your works. Make the wise decision of registering today rather than regretting not having given your works enough protection,” Cuyo added.   

In his feedback, a representative of the registrant emphasized the importance of copyright registration, noting that the official recognition from a certificate “signifies not only a legal acknowledgment but also a celebration of [one’s] dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to his art.”

Another registrant, an IP advocate and private law practitioner, commended the “convenient, simplified and systematic” registration process and the staff who were “proactive in advising and guiding the applicants during the entire process.”

“The BCCR’s streamlined recordal and deposit system is definitely a great help to the IP community,” the registrant added.


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