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US-based University of Wyoming Ranks Among Top 100 US Universities Granted Patents in 2022

18-Sep-2023 | Source : The University of Wyoming - U.S. | Visits : 1367

WYOMING, US - The University of Wyoming announced in a press release that it has been ranked 91st on “Top 100 US Universities Granted Utility Patents in 2022,” a list published by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).
The new list was created to highlight and celebrate American innovation and to showcase the universities that play a large role in advancing the innovation ecosystem within the US and beyond.

“As a US-based national academy, it is important to us not only to showcase innovation happening on the broader world stage, but here at home as well. Invention has been part of the American experience since the country’s inception, with intellectual property (IP) being protected in the Constitution,” says Jamie Renee, executive director of NAI. “Innovation has always been at the heart of US culture, and the Top 100 US Universities list allows us to recognize and celebrate the commitment these universities have to the American tradition of invention and protection of IP.”

With 15 utility patents granted in 2022, UW tied with George Mason University and the City University of New York, according to the list. That’s close behind schools that include Oregon State University (19 patents), Clemson University (19) and Wake Forest University (16) and ahead of schools that include the University of Miami (13), Auburn University (12) and the University of Toledo (11).

A utility patent covers the creation of a new or improved -- and useful -- product, process or machine. Utility patents granted to UW in 2022 included technology and devices for controlled environment agriculture; methods for dealing with foodborne bacteria; technology for nervous tissue repair, stem cells and pain therapy; and technology for oil and gas recovery as well as carbon capture.

Parag Chitnis, UW’s vice president for research and economic development, credits UW’s Technology Transfer Office, as well as the Office of General Counsel, for helping UW researchers obtain patents.

“Helping turn discoveries by UW researchers into intellectual property that can be commercialized to help diversify Wyoming’s economy is a top priority for the university,” Chitnis says. “While we are striving to increase our performance and become a Carnegie R1 research university, it is nice to be recognized as a top-100 university in the nation for patent production.”

UW’s Technology Transfer Office also obtains international patents, plant patents and design patents. Other types of IP protection include trademarks and copyrights.

NAI says the Top 100 US Universities list is meant to provide a more focused view of the national innovation landscape and the contributions made by US academic institutions. The list was created using calendar year data provided by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Top 100 placement includes all named assignees listed on the patent. To see the full list, go here.


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