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Article by Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh - A Call for: A Democratic International Order

07-Dec-2022 | Source : AG-IP-News Agency | Visits : 1968
Article by Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh - A Call for: A Democratic International Order

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By: Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Our contemporary world is witnessing an astonishing exacerbation of conflicts, wars, natural disasters, economic crises, and the spread of extremism, violence and chaos. All this takes place despite the progress of science, the development of civilization, and the increased awareness of states, peoples, and even individuals, of the capabilities and wealth available on this planet to achieve a decent life for every human being without discrimination, providing them with a safe, stable, prosperous life, free from all the dangerous elements that plague our contemporary world.

Before we determine the means to liberate our world from the current situation, we must point out the causes of these crises and this civilizational regression that we are suffering from, which is exacerbated by the day.

The foremost reason is the decline of the international organization’s role, to the point of complete inability to carry out the tasks for which it was established as determined by its founding Charter. Its main goal was to manage world affairs after World War II, foremost of which was achieving full equality among member states, resolving any disputes through negotiations and peaceful methods in accordance with international law, and devoting all the wealth of our planet to the well-being of human beings and ensuring their safety from any natural or man-made hazards.

However, the United Nations simply stands back as the devastating war between Russia and the Western world (the United States, Canada, the European Union and others) in Ukraine rages on, as well as the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict that has been on its agenda since its establishment more than seven decades ago, and the spread of conflicts throughout the Middle East; in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. This is in addition to the hotbeds of tension in other known locations that threaten to explode at any time.

The United Nations and its specialized bodies also fail to overcome other challenges, such as the severe damage caused by humans to the climate and its resulting disasters, such as epidemics and other natural hazards.
Moreover, the main reason for the deterioration of the world's security is the international organization's impotence caused by its inability to achieve democracy among its 193 members.

The existing international system is non-democratic and cannot restore the organization’s influential role without achieving full democracy among all its members, as stipulated in the Charter.

It is not enough for the member states to achieve democracy for themselves (although many member states have not). The international system must also be democratic to end the domination of powerful states over small and less powerful member states in the organization.

Attempts have been made to reform and modernize the international organization’s rules on which it was founded in 1945. Still, they failed because of the monopoly of the greater powers (who resisted any reform) armed with the veto, thwarting any international action to address any crisis with no rhyme or reason.

There are many severe consequences of this entrenched and deepening domination.

Therefore, through this Summit, we call on the leaders and wise men of the world to confront and reform this situation and enhance the international organization’s ability to carry out its duty. Its democratic and fair decisions and rulings should be the outcomes of the will of most of its member states.

Then, and only then, the path will be corrected, and the capabilities of human beings and the earth's wealth will be devoted to building, not demolishing, and facing the challenges and crises that countries and peoples suffer from.


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