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Mirna Therapeutics Reports Expansion of Intellectual Property Estate Grant of New Composition of Matter Patent

15-Jan-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6358
AUSTIN, TX - Mirna Therapeutics Inc. announced in a press release that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently granted numerous additional composition of matter claims related to the modification of microRNA (miRNA) mimics.

The newly granted claims (US Patent No. 8,586,727) will support Mirna’s continued development and commercialization of miRNA-based therapeutics.

Mirna is currently conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial of MRX34, a miR-34-based therapy and the first miRNA mimic to advance into a human clinical trial. The Phase 1 trial is treating patients with unresectable primary liver cancer or metastatic cancer with liver involvement. The Company expects to complete the clinical trial in late 2014.

The new claims complement other significant US patents awarded to Mirna over the past three years. These include composition of matter claims granted to Mirna last year (US Patent No. 8,563,708), which describe multiple chemistries and structures used in therapeutic miRNA mimics, including the one used in MRX34, the Company’s lead clinical candidate. Other patents previously granted relate to the therapeutic use of fifteen miRNAs in the treatment of various cancers.

“Mirna is pleased with the continued expansion of our patent portfolio and we remain focused on developing innovative miRNA-based therapeutics for cancer patients,” said Paul Lammers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mirna. “This growing intellectual property estate will bring considerable value to our stakeholders, as well as current investors and prospective partners.”

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. (Mirna) is a private biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of micro-RNA (miRNA) based therapeutics.

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