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HRH Prince El Hassan Mobilizes Discussions on Arab Economic Charter

25-Aug-2013 | Source : | Visits : 12152
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AMMAN - His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, chairman of the Arab Thought Forum launched the dialogue on the content of the Arab Economic Charter which comes under the directives of HRH to Arab Thought Forum in cooperation with the Economic Policy Development Forum to prepare an Arab economic charter that reinforces full Arab economic integration.

During the meeting which was held at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University with the attendance of a host of leading thinkers, economists and media people, HRH Prince El Hassan stressed that a special focus should be directed towards the elements of total integrated economic projects to be a solid base for the desired Arab integration.

HRH pointed out that building an Arab economic networking will contribute in the Arab economic development process so that it can be built upon in the future in accordance with the requirements and needs of our own region.

HRH expressed his hope that the Arab economic Charter will achieve full integration between human resources and natural resources because the beneficiary is the Arab individual.

The Prince recalled that integration in the work of the political and economic - social and civil sector organizations triangle is the focal point in which we achieve what we seek and that is a good public service to our countries.

HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of the Economic Policy Development Forum and a member of the Arab Thought Forum said that the idea of the Charter launched by HRH aims at forming a strong content for an Arab Economic Charter in which Arab countries and nations can work together as one unity to face challenges and current economic changes regionally and globally.

He stressed that this direction helps lay the foundation for a solid Arab economic development to achieve the aspirations of the sons of the nation, and adds a new brick to promote economic integration.

He added that the document will be presented to a comprehensive Arab conference for discussion and approval, and then the approved document will be submitted to the League of Arab States to be adopted as one of the League’s official documents.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sadeq Al-Faqih, Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum said this meeting creates an opportunity that displays the ability of the Arab economic thought in responding to the changes which the Arab society is witnessing.

He added that the desired results for the new economic charter are hoped to provide effective responses to questions of the Arab economic status, and work to boost confidence in the future of the joint venture, and to build a society of economic solidarity.

He stated that the document after being studied by Arab scientists and specialists and meet all scientific and technical requirements, in seminars and brainstorming sessions, “we will implement and promote it in the same approach we followed with the Arab Social Charter.”

It was agreed to tackle the following topics: the role of Arab women, financial and banking sector, customs barriers interfaces and their cost, power, Arab integrity system, the role of the Arab and digital media, scientific research, trade in industrial goods, Arab corporations, movement of business people, trade in agricultural and food products, building a network of Arab Zakat, e-commerce, trade in intra-health products, communications, Arab youth, land, sea and air transport, investment in innovation, partnerships and not aid (Investment interconnection), higher education and e-learning.

Organizational and executive structure in addition to working teams were formed to prepare the Charter to be approved and adopted at a later stage.

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