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UMED Holdings Announces Acquisition of Portable Natural Gas to Liquid (GTL) Technology and Proprietary IP

26-Sep-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7361
FORT WORTH, TX - UMED Holdings Inc., a Texas Corporation, announced in a press release the acquisition of 100% interest in Greenway Innovative Energy Inc., a private company that owns proprietary technology and Intellectual Property (IP) for the efficient process of converting natural gas to clean synthetic fuels (GTL). 

Kevin Bentley, CEO of UMED, said, "This acquisition is a terrific opportunity for UMED to enter the energy sector and capitalize on the significant natural gas reserves in the United States by building and operating its own portable units or through the licensing of the technology and intellectual property to others. The Company's success in GTL has the potential to create significant value for UMED's shareholders."

Conrad Greer, Vice President of Research and Engineering, said that, "The operating economies of this portable GTL technology, costing significantly less than other existing processes, can help our country move closer to energy independence."

UMED Holdings Inc. (UMED), located in Fort Worth, Texas, is a holding company, with interests in energy, agricultural operations, precious metals exploration, software, and aircraft maintenance.

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