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CPA Global Launches Insight to Help Companies Better Manage their Patent Portfolios

20-Oct-2011 | Source : | Visits : 8701
JERSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS - CPA Global, the world's leading Intellectual Property (IP) management specialist, today announced in a press release the launch of Insight, a set of custom portfolio analytics designed to help companies align their IP and business strategies by making more informed patent portfolio decisions. 

"Intellectual property is having a larger-than-ever influence on corporate bottom lines as companies look for new ways to maximise value and save money," said Christine Jennings, general manager, Patents, CPA Global. "IP departments now face high-pressure, patent management decisions, which can drastically affect a company's strategic direction. The tailored information obtained through Insight allows these managers to identify competitive threats as well as opportunities to better align IP portfolio management with the overarching business strategy." 

Through Insight, CPA Global's in-house team of specialty analysts gathers and analyses information from a wide source of data to provide clients with the customized intelligence they need to support critical decision-making regarding their patent portfolios – decisions on matters such as protecting their most valuable intellectual assets, safeguarding against competition, and selling or licensing non-critical assets to generate revenue. 

Insight uses Patent Quality Index (PQI) segregating to sort portfolios into five segments – based on the statistical strength of patents – and quickly identify high potential and low potential assets. Clients can then design around a very strong patent and develop five or six similar patents, effectively creating a 'patent firewall' to protect a company's most valuable IP assets. 

In addition, Insight provides analysis of upcoming US renewals by age, date of expiration and geographic patent family distribution, relative to the client company's competitors. The system also outlines the number of inventions across a client's portfolio that has been used as a reference by other companies for developing their own IP portfolios. Assessing competitors' patents through Insight helps benchmark a client's portfolio against the market and track fledgling inventions and potentially lucrative opportunities. 

"Insight further enhances our patent portfolio review analysis," said Jennings. "In addition to helping companies make informed, strategic decisions about how to protect and leverage their patents, Insight's technical perspective and thorough competitor analysis now gives our clients a further edge in the market."

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